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July 8, 2010, 2:16 pm

The Intern Diaries, Part III

One thing I love about working with ERWW PR is the interaction I’m able to have with people every day. I am constantly finding new ways to build relationships with three types of people: clients, consumers and colleagues.

During the course of my internship, I, along with other interns, have been using social media as an outreach tool. Blogging is one way I’m learning to connect with everyone, alongside additional outlets such as my Twitter and Facebook pages.

Every morning, Gabrielle Schaefer compiles a list of links to articles and blog posts that are relevant to our industry. As interns, we’re able to help her find a few links to include in the compilation. Alexandra Covington also sends out interesting tidbits with links included in 140 characters or less to make them easier to tweet. By thinking in tweets, we are able to always be connected with one another while spreading a wealth of knowledge into the Twitterverse, in a cleverly direct way.

There is, beyond a doubt, a social media outlet for almost any idea, but the congestion of ideas in one outlet could possibly lead to social media failure as opposed to a social media prototype. Facebook and MySpace, for example, seem to have gotten a bit, for lack of a better word, crowded. Although MySpace seems to have gone with the wind (unless you’re a musician), Facebook seems penetrated by brands. I know I’m not the only one who has noticed that ad space on the right side of my Facebook profile. And what about the paid promotional trending topic Toy Story 3 did for Twitter?

Have social networks become more of a chaotic burden than a place for us all to go into social la-la land?

In the style of one of my favorite social media outlets, I challenge everyone to define his or her social media niche in 140 characters or less. For example, mine is: Through social media/networking, I plan to…brand myself as an intermediary between the public & my passion while establishing personal relationships & engaging in relevant activity.

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