The new camera arrived…

And I was like a little kid at Christmas! I couldn’t wait to open the box!

Frustrating that I have to charge the batteries before I can really start learning to use it… but I will be getting up to speed with it over the next week, so that I will have a good sense of the controls by the time Cactus Killer and Silly Squirrel arrive :-)

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The official postcard…


Time is running out for anything we need to have delivered prior to departure. And so I had to order the postcards for the public blog (which I hadn’t had a chance to design because I have been so busy with rush client projects lately)!

Above is the front-side of the card. The imagery comes from the Moab 2008 shoot (even though that is not actually Route 66, it definitely represents the idea of the open road). And I did a simple logo type (that matches the public blog logo).

Then I put the following text on the backside:

Rediscovering America (and so much more)…

Six weeks. One Jeep. And three ordinary peopleā€”on the lookout for extraordinary adventure.

From coast-to-coast across the whole big country. Route 66. The heartland. America the beautiful and all that.

Seeing the land with new eyes. Hearing the stories first-hand. Finding the true meaning of the word Freedom. Discovering an idea.

The Great American Road Trip 2010. Modern nomads exploring the American Dream.

We should receive the cards by the end of next week or early the following week!

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A monumental decision…

The trip is having a profound impact on me already (and we haven’t even left NY yet!)…

I always said that this trip would be about more than just re-discovering America… it would also be about re-discovering ourselves… and for me I think that is tied up with my relation to the image… as an artist… a photographer… a videographer… a filmmaker… defining reality thru imagery… it has been central to my personal and professional evolution.

Over the years I have adapted to changes in technology, changes in economic realities, and changes in my own view of the impact I could make thru imagery…

It was roughly ten years ago that I stopped making photographs (well, anything beyond the odd snapshot with my phone or a throw-away camera on family occasions), replacing my Nikons with a Sony video camera, and following the superior storytelling opportunities offered by the documentary film format. That choice was influenced by many things, and I am pleased with the work I continue to do as a filmmaker. But…

… the siren song of the still image has never truly dissipated. And the potential for imagery offered by this trip is too powerful… And so I am taking the leap… I purchased a new Nikon digital SLR and I will treat myself to a rediscovery of this old companion, while we roam the backroads of America…

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One month to go…

In a month we will be hitting the road… and I am finally starting to get a bit excited about the trip. I know that sounds strange, as we have been planning for months! But maybe because we HAVE been planning for months, “working on the trip plans” has become almost “routine,” and I haven’t allowed myself the luxury of getting really excited about it until now…

It is a good feeling, especially since we are pretty well prepared for departure and we’ve got a solid and detailed “roadmap.”

Actually we have lots and lots of road maps… one for almost every state we will be driving through… plus a detailed street atlas of the USA… plus the specific Route 66 mapset… plus topo maps of the deserts… plus two briefing books with turn by turn directions… and I am trying to decide if i should bring my GPS (though it is actually for aviation, and I would have to buy some kind of road map update I guess… so am really not sure it is worth taking… I mean how lost can we really get with all those maps!!!!!)

And in addition to all the maps, we have a program outline, a timeline (which I hesitate to call a “schedule” because that sounds like we are locked into it, and I have done my best to leave enough flexibility while still creating a plan that will get us there and back again in the alloted timeframe), and a resource list. We have all our backcountry permits, and things that needed to be reserved are almost all done (we still need to book hotels for LA and SF… and finish the plan for the last 6 days, which includes Cajun country and New Orleans… and firm up reservations for a couple of the en route activities that need advance reservations… so in that sense we still have a bit of work to do).

In terms of supplies and equipment, we have most of what we need. And we know what we still need to buy… (not much, apart from things we really need to get at the last minute, like food items, cleaning supplies, tapestock and other consumables). I have already set up a staging area here in NY (and Cactus Killer and Silly Squirrel have done the same in Paris)…

Now we just have to get thru the month, and we’ll be riding freedom’s road!

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100 days to go…

That’s a long time. And not that long anymore. The countdown clock moves to double digits… And our trip preparations become more concrete.

D-day is still pretty far off. A whole season away. But our planning is mostly done, and we now just have the administrative tasks, reservations and permits to do. We are ready (or i should say we WILL be ready when D-day arrives)!

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4 months to go…

Today is the 9th of March, and in exactly four months we will be hitting the road!!!! (i am actually hitting the road — well, the air, to be more precise — today on my way back to NY from Paris, btw)

Excitement is building… the new tent… the more concrete planning… getting down to the practical questions…

And with good planning thus far, we can coast a little bit, doing our preparations at a leisurely pace from now until departure… Am feeling really positive!!!!

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143 jours

Blue Coyote est arrive aujourd’hui a Paris. 143 jours ! c’est le nombre de jours qu’il nous reste avant de prendre La Route.

Le Coyote Bleu a tout prepare, deux tomes entiers ! Il est tellement organise ! Et ca ravive toutes les envies de depart. Silly Squirrel ne pense qu’a ses Boots ! J’espere qu’il aura d’autres souvenirs que des bottes.

De rediscuter des details, de revoir les plans, de reparler des differentes activites et choses qu’on va faire … c’est comme si le depart n’etait plus si loin.

Le matin du depart … quand tout sera deja dans l’arriere de la jeep, … ca va etre la fete ! L’equipe, Blue Coyote, Silly Squirrel et meme Cactus Killer … l’equipe de choc !

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Western Boots

Now a very important subject is the clothing. First of all me Silly Squirrel am “Shteding” (Serbian word for saving up) for Western clothes…
1. The hat (”not to be hot”(of course)) ;-)
2.The “vaquerrrrros !!!!!”HYYYPA HYYYPA!!!
3.The vest
4.the shirt
5.El cinturon

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The T-Shirt…


Have been busy on the planning front working out schedule and rough accommodations plan, so we can apply for those permits for the parks where we will be needing them….

And looking at the scope of the project, I am thinking we are going to need a logo and an “official” t-shirt, too…

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It’s 2010…

Happy New Year! It is now 2010, the year of our roadtrip!

Exciting to be able to say “this year” when we talk about the trip now! And so it feels closer! Now we have to get to work!!!! Planning, planning, planning… oh, and did I mention planning? (next week I will begin applications for our permits)…

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