Grapes of Wrath

5134YKWWE0L._SS500_In preparation for the journey, we are doing some reading, and first on the list is GRAPES OF WRATH, by John Steinbeck (1939).

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  1. Blue Coyote says:

    Just read the first chapter on “dust”, and it made me think how it must be really different than sand… until now i was thinking of the dustbowl as just a kind of drought, and comparing it in my mind to the desert. but reading this i understood it was more than just “dry”… there were those duststorms that were somehow different from a sandstorm in the desert…

    anyway, apart from the descriptions of dust and its effect on the land, this chapter got me thinking also how important the agricultural cycle was to the people back then… the two things he talks about from the start are the dust and the corn…

    btw, Silly Squirrel should pay attention to the great description… amazing how much he could write about just “dust”…

    this chapter made me look up a few things on the historical dustbowl that i’d like to share (i put general links up top, but here are some that are really specific to the chapter:

    first, is an interview recorded in 1939 with a woman who explains what the dust storms were like on her farm in Oklahoma

    or, if you have a little more time, watch this online video (it is a really good documentary about the dustbowl, i haven’t watched it all yet, but will watch it later this afternoon… the beginning (when you click on link, first you will have a trailer then a sponosor’s announcemnet, and then the documentary starts) has people speaking about what the dust was like with really great footage too…

  2. route66news says:

    If you want an outstanding book about the Dust Bowl, get “The Worst Hard Time” by Timothy Egan.

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