List Ideas


  • checklist
  • plastic africa bowl
  • bucket
  • cooking pot – (saw this one, looks good)
  • mess kits (plate, knife, fork, spoon, metal cup – there is a good set here)
  • containers for dried products (sugar, coffee, rice, etc)
  • containers for liquid products (olive oil, vinegar etc)
  • salt and pepper
  • spice (chile spice, hot spice, etc)
  • soap from france
  • para cord
  • axe
  • saw
  • 2 tents – (this might be a good one)
  • ponchos
  • cooler (small, maybe chargeable?)
  • charger for laptop, other electric devices (solar charger?)
  • first aid kit (make sure there is stuff for heat exhaustion/dehydration, snakebite, mosquitos, etc.)

For the Jeep
Food pantry items

Here is a great set of lists created by someone who does jeep trail rides and camps out regularly

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