Day 4-5: Illinois to Missouri




  • Meremac Caverns – (The cave–largest of it’s kind–is reputed to have been used as a hideout by Jesse James. Site has guided walking tours thru cave; motel; campground; canoe and raft rentals etc). There are some reviews of the cave tour here. Another option would be to tour Fishers Cave in the state park, which according to reviews is a bit less “touristy” — (no colored lights, and real cave floor instead of paved, etc.) …spoke to a woman at the Meramec State Park info center on 1/12/10, and she said the Fisher Cave tour is much more “naturalistics” as opposed to touristy, and it lasts about 90 minutes and is about a mile of walking, and is offered four times a day during the summer 930am, 1130am, 1pm and 3pm.
  • Meremac River canoe trip – The most floated sections are those between Maramec Spring and Meramec State Park (difficulty I, seldom II)
  • options for Meremac Caverns versus other nearby caves in the area


11 JAN 2010: i think we should plan on getting an early start on our departure from Chicago, then making a stop along the way at “Memory Lane” for a break (in Illinois), then try to drive all the way thru to Meramec State park to set up camp for the night. In the morning we can visit the cavern and do a canoe trip on the river, then either stay another night, or make some headway toward the next stop and stay some place in between…

Day 4 Lodging – suggesting we stay at Meramec State park (with a reserved campsite) or perhaps at the Meramec Caverns campground

Day 5 Lodging – suggesting we try to get a little further down the route and plan on picking up a lodging on the way. Here are some potential places to consider:

Click on the view larger map icon below to see map with locations of campgrounds pinpointed:

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