Day 12-13: New Mexico to Arizona



  • petrified wilderness area and painted desert


18 JAN 2010: Depending on our choices coming from New Mexico, we will have different options here. (as we will have different possible amounts of time to spend here prior to heading to Grand Canyon.)

In terms of places to stay, the two options i see that seem really interesting are:

Option 1: Wilderness camping in the petrified forest. This option requires us to hike in at least one mile to set up camp somewhere in the wilderness area. But it can be pretty cool i think! (of course we will have to carry in our water, and whatever else we want to bring… but might be amazing!!!!)

Option 2: Searching around on the national parks site i found the following reference:

<< For more primitive camping, Rock Art Ranch, 20 miles east of Holbrook or 13 miles west of Winslow, and accessed via 10+ miles of unimproved road, allows overnight stays at the top of a narrow canyon famous for its collection of petroglyphs (ancient rock carvings). This is a very special place where only pictures should be taken and hands kept off the walls. The canyon has water running year round and is a true oasis in this parched land. A toilet and shade shelter are provided at the camping area. Reservations must be made in advance as this is private land and access is denied without the owner’s permission. The number to contact is (928)288-3260 or (928) 386-5047. >>

and so i googled the place and saw rave reviews from folks who have visited… this might be a SUPER place to stay as there also seems to be a friendly host who is willing to chat with visitors etc, and has a really interesting history…

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