Day 14-16: The Grand Canyon



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18 JAN 2010: Reserved the mule trip… but believe it or not it was impossible to get the one we wanted (the overnight trip) as the entire thing was already fully booked for july so we had to take the 3 hour trip which still had availability!

In the process of looking that one up, I got the sense of how incredibly touristic the whole thing is.. there are hotels right on the rim of the Canyon and it is so crowded with tourists it sounds like a total nightmare!!!! so we will just do the mules and leave, using that extra day somewhere else along the way…

I did find out about a place where we might be able to camp (no reservations–it is a national forest site) that won’t be such a nightmare… and it is not that far from the Canyon… but actually, in the new scenario, maybe we don’t even “stay” there… maybe we pull back a little bit and stay in Flagstaff or one of the other locations on the “far” side of the south rim so that we are not in the middle of all the tourist traffic…

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