Day 19-21: Los Angeles, CA

WAYPOINT – Los Angeles, CA


24 JAN 2010: Here’s a hotel that might be interesting to stay at: “The Hotel California,” which is beach and surfer themed and is in Santa Monica

2 JAN 2010: Emailed the hang gliding guy and the idea of an afternoon of hang gliding lessons on the beach sounds really fun!!!! Let me know what you think… am still researching other things… Feel like we should probably do something Hollywood-related too…


  • Be part of the studio audience of a TV show – free tickets for taping of real network TV shows
  • a Hang Gliding lesson by the beach (they also offer “tandem glides” but it’s kind of like a site-seeing thing where you go with someone else on the thing, and he/she does the work, and i guess i would rather actually “learn” to do something, and if we want to “Site-see” maybe we could rent a plane and i could fly us?)
  • and of course there is Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Pack a box dinner and a bottle of wine and picnic in the moonlight during a summer concert at theHollywood Bowl. (concerts are tuesday-sunday)
  • Santa Monica pier has lots of fun activities… and the “end of the trail” sign

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