The team is here!

So we are finally all assembled together here in NY!

It was a bit hectic at the end, as Cactus Killer and Silly Squirrel arrived kind of late… as in well after midnight!!!! But all was good… They were just a little tired (and I was too! … still nothing that a bit of sleep can’t fix)…

We drove out to Nesconset where the Big Weasel was waiting, and we shared a welcome drink before heading off to bed at 3:30am!!!!

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C’est le jour du grand départ! Nous sommes prêts, les sacs sont prêts aussi …

Comme toujours, j’ai un poids sur le coeur de laisser certaines personnes, pendant que je serai si loin. Mais LA ROUTE M’APPELLE! et c’est plus fort que tout. Tout à l’heure nous serons dans le feu de l’action : pousser, tirer, s’informer, faire la queue … et puis le bonheur d’être dans l’avion … c’est encore entre le rêve et la réalité … et je rêve!

Cactus Killer et Silly Squirrel arrivent !!!

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Departures and Arrivals… hellos and goodbyes… We are so used to this by now… and yet the airport goodbye doesn’t really get easier!

Today Cactus Killer and Silly Squirrel went back to France. They won’t be back here in NY until just before our “grand depart” in July! (Of course we will all be seeing each other in the meantime… in fact, I will be joining them in Paris next week! but the next time I am picking them up at JFK it will be the run-up to departure… and we will all be pretty excited about it… and kind of crazed, too, I imagine)…

Anyway, i imagine that right about now they are somewhere over the Atlantic on their way to Paris. I am thinking of them and wishing them a safe and calm flight (and the chance to get a little sleep on the plane, too!!!!)

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