C’est la première fois hier que je me suis vue refuser la proposition d’aller à Manhattan ! Et en y repensant, j’ai compris que ça vient de mon besoin de concentration ! Même si tout est là : la tente, les affaires, les ordinateurs … et bien sûr la Jeep, notre Jeep qui sera un partenaire à part entière dans ce voyage … je ressens la nécessité de rester ici, de préparer, d’affiner … bref je suis déjà TENDUE vers la ROUTE. Je ressens cette tension comme si je devais me mettre en mode “survie” … Blue Coyote knows that … on devra être là,  les quatre sens aux aguets et l’intelligence de l’homme de Cromagnon prête à servir à tout moment !

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Under the Hood…

With freedom comes responsibility… And I have the great responsibility of getting us all there and back again safely. Which is exactly what brought me to the Jeep dealership the other day.

We need to make sure our vehicle can withstand the grueling workout it is going to get. Our greatest concern is the extreme conditions of Death Valley in August where it can get as high as 130 degrees farenheit!

Our Jeep becomes more than  just a mode of transport out there. It becomes a critical tool for survival. So having it checked out by our mechanic is important. And it is also important that we be able to do some emergency service in case something breaks down out in the desert.

So that means, we’d better know how to change a flat tire, and it was also suggested by those more experienced with Jeeping in the desert, that we carry some spare hoses, fan belt and so forth… and following up on that, I found myself getting a tutorial in changing radiator hoses and replacing the fan belt!

It was interesting to learn about what is under the hood of my Jeep, even though I hope I will never have to use that knowledge in the field!!!! But somehow it just seemed appropriate to start the story of our road trip with the hood of the Jeep open…

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Hey there it is silly squirrel

Today , cactuskiller and I are FINALLY going to America!!!!!!!!!! To N Y though. We’ re hitting the road of route 66 on the 9th great hein? Just in time to see the world cup and the 4th of july yipiyipi the firecrackers and the fireworks!!!!!!! soccer fireworks

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C’est le jour du grand départ! Nous sommes prêts, les sacs sont prêts aussi …

Comme toujours, j’ai un poids sur le coeur de laisser certaines personnes, pendant que je serai si loin. Mais LA ROUTE M’APPELLE! et c’est plus fort que tout. Tout à l’heure nous serons dans le feu de l’action : pousser, tirer, s’informer, faire la queue … et puis le bonheur d’être dans l’avion … c’est encore entre le rêve et la réalité … et je rêve!

Cactus Killer et Silly Squirrel arrivent !!!

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The new camera arrived…

And I was like a little kid at Christmas! I couldn’t wait to open the box!

Frustrating that I have to charge the batteries before I can really start learning to use it… but I will be getting up to speed with it over the next week, so that I will have a good sense of the controls by the time Cactus Killer and Silly Squirrel arrive :-)

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… Ca approche !

C’est la fin de l’année scolaire ici, à Paris, en France et probablement comme dans de très nombreux pays du monde … ceux de l’hémisphère nord en tout cas. C’est la fin de l’année scolaire et d’habitude c’est la période de  préparation des vacances. Pourtant cette fois c’est différent. Le voyage qui nous attend n’a rien en commun avec ce qu’on a pu faire jusqu’à présent. C’est ce qu’on peut appeler une aventure et pour un enfant de 12 ans c’en est certainement une … une vraie. La route est longue et malgré toutes les capacités d’organisation de notre Coyote Bleu, nous savons tous que la Route c’est la Route et que même si elle n’est pas semée d’embuches, elle aura son taux d’imprévu.

Je suis impatiente de nous voir à l’oeuvre. Impatiente de voir les réactions de Dimitri dans toutes les situations qui se présenteront. Le Coyote Bleu assure et moi … j’espère aussi. Moins de 3 semaines et nous serons à NY. Le Coyote Blue est TRES en avance sur nous pour les préparatifs. Et puis Silly Squirrel doit faire un grand saut à Belgrade avant … donc impossible pour moi de me concentrer sur le Grand Voyage avant …

… mais ça approche !

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One month to go…

In a month we will be hitting the road… and I am finally starting to get a bit excited about the trip. I know that sounds strange, as we have been planning for months! But maybe because we HAVE been planning for months, “working on the trip plans” has become almost “routine,” and I haven’t allowed myself the luxury of getting really excited about it until now…

It is a good feeling, especially since we are pretty well prepared for departure and we’ve got a solid and detailed “roadmap.”

Actually we have lots and lots of road maps… one for almost every state we will be driving through… plus a detailed street atlas of the USA… plus the specific Route 66 mapset… plus topo maps of the deserts… plus two briefing books with turn by turn directions… and I am trying to decide if i should bring my GPS (though it is actually for aviation, and I would have to buy some kind of road map update I guess… so am really not sure it is worth taking… I mean how lost can we really get with all those maps!!!!!)

And in addition to all the maps, we have a program outline, a timeline (which I hesitate to call a “schedule” because that sounds like we are locked into it, and I have done my best to leave enough flexibility while still creating a plan that will get us there and back again in the alloted timeframe), and a resource list. We have all our backcountry permits, and things that needed to be reserved are almost all done (we still need to book hotels for LA and SF… and finish the plan for the last 6 days, which includes Cajun country and New Orleans… and firm up reservations for a couple of the en route activities that need advance reservations… so in that sense we still have a bit of work to do).

In terms of supplies and equipment, we have most of what we need. And we know what we still need to buy… (not much, apart from things we really need to get at the last minute, like food items, cleaning supplies, tapestock and other consumables). I have already set up a staging area here in NY (and Cactus Killer and Silly Squirrel have done the same in Paris)…

Now we just have to get thru the month, and we’ll be riding freedom’s road!

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100 days to go…

That’s a long time. And not that long anymore. The countdown clock moves to double digits… And our trip preparations become more concrete.

D-day is still pretty far off. A whole season away. But our planning is mostly done, and we now just have the administrative tasks, reservations and permits to do. We are ready (or i should say we WILL be ready when D-day arrives)!

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Spring is here…

crocusesThe first crocuses have pushed their way up and the baby squirrels have started to venture out of the nest — that means spring is here. And spring is almost summer, so brings us that much closer to departure day.

Here in NY the weather has finally turned milder and blue skies are back! Yesterday the Big Weasel even ventured out into the garden for the first time since before Halloween! She surveyed the state of the yard, and noted all the new green shoots stretching thru the dark earth toward the sunlight.

In the evening I sat out on the terrace watching the squirrels frolicking around. And today I will go flying for the first time in a long time. Am looking forward to getting back into the cockpit and feeling the freedom of the open skies. It’s been a long hard winter… Welcome Spring!

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4 months to go…

Today is the 9th of March, and in exactly four months we will be hitting the road!!!! (i am actually hitting the road — well, the air, to be more precise — today on my way back to NY from Paris, btw)

Excitement is building… the new tent… the more concrete planning… getting down to the practical questions…

And with good planning thus far, we can coast a little bit, doing our preparations at a leisurely pace from now until departure… Am feeling really positive!!!!

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