Bears and “bear safety”…

Working on the last part of the return itinerary today, the part that will take us through the Great Smoky Mountains and then the Shenandoah Valley national parks, and it is clear we will be in black bear country there.

All the park websites have information about what to do if you see a bear. And what not to do! (See black bears in the Great Smoky Mountain National Parksafety in bear country – procedures to follow).

Talking with Cactus Killer about it today we agreed that we would really rather NOT see one!!!!

Still it will be a good idea to go over the “bear safety” protocols before we head into that region, because some of the things they say to do are definitely counter-intuitive. (Like don’t run away, or the bear will chase you. You need to stay facing the bear and very slowly back away!)

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