Grapes of Wrath & echos of today’s america…

So i’ve been reading a bit further along into the book, and can’t help reflecting on parallels with the current period in US history…

Reading through the chapter where he shows how the families are removed from their homes. How the people come to kick them off the land and say there is nothing they can do about it, “it’s the bank”… and the way he describes the bank as this faceless entity that is destroying people’s lives. How the people get angry and want to confront “the bank”… but there is no one to confront… just this anonymous corporate entity… “so sorry, but it’s not our fault, there’s nothing we can do about it, it’s the bank…” (see this article about bank foreclosures on farmers in the 1930s)

no wonder bank robbers became “heros” of the popular culture back then…

the banks represented the anonymous uncaring inhuman power who would listen to no reason… just moved forward crushing people, the way they used the tractors to crush their houses…

makes me think also about all the foreclosures today (see this article that just came out yesterday)… how working people have been losing their homes because of “the bank”… being pushed from the lower rung of the middle class ladder down into poverty… and today there isn’t even the hope of California (that “promised land” is, itself  tottering on the brink)…

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Les raisins de la colère

Nous trois, les Grands Voyageurs, nous avons décidé de lire les “Raisins de la Colère” pour avoir une idée de ce qu’a pu être le voyage de tous ces gens qui ont pris la route pour aller à l’ouest … espérant un futur meilleur.

J’avais déjà lu ce livre il y a lomgtemps. Mais le lire en pensant à notre voyage et en pensant à ces gens. Le plus difficile c’est toujours de penser à “ces gens” comme à des personnes réelles, qui ont vraiment vécu. On pense souvent aux Américains comme à des gens qui ont la vie facile, on oublie de voir comment ils sont arrivés jusque là.

Bref, Je crois que c’est le deuxième chapitre où il y a la description de cette tortue. On a l’impression qu’il a zoomé avec sa caméra, tellement c’est précis.

Bon voilà … au prochain chapitre maintenant.

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Grapes of Wrath

5134YKWWE0L._SS500_In preparation for the journey, we are doing some reading, and first on the list is GRAPES OF WRATH, by John Steinbeck (1939).

For more info here are some general links:

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