Ohio: Cuyahoga Valley National Park

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… mais la route

On a traversé plusieurs états déjà … de NY à Chicago : La Pennsylvannie a été longue à traverser hier.

Mais le soir on a eu notre récompense. Le camping était vraiment joliment situé sur la Cayohuga River avec sa belle chute d’eau. L’herbe était tout fraîchement fauchée et on a monté la tente en un rien de temps.

Et puis comme toujours le plaisir du feu! Ce matin encore je faisais le petit Turkish …

Puis une bonne petite randonnée pour commencer la matinée. Silly Squirrel et Blue Coyote semblaient prendre plaisir à chaque détail : les fougères, les champignons, les fleurs … tout était prétexte à faire une belle photo!

Pendant ce temps, Cactus Killer devait se fatiguer, marcher et marcher vite pour se sentir libre!

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On the road… Day One…

We finally got on the road early in the morning (though not as early as we would have liked) and the driving started out pretty smooth. The first day was a long long drive day. From New York to Ohio…

We were in PA before 9am, but Pennsylvania is a much bigger state than I imagined… and we hit some construction along the way, as well as some torrential downpours that made it almost impossible to see the vehicle in front of me…

But we made it into Ohio close enough to schedule… There was only one problem… by the time we got to Ohio skies were grey and rain was steady and heavy. Our first thought was that we would have to spend Day 1 in a hotel instead of our campsite! And that wouldn’t really be a great way to start the journey….

About 3 exits before the Cuyahoga Valley, as we were discussing our options, the skies began to clear… we would be able to camp afterall…

Made it to our site by about 6:30pm… very happy to be there! And our great reward was that we actually SAW A REAL BEAVER!!!!


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