Remembering our Renard Rouge…

Just a short, slightly “off-topic” post today in honor of our Renard Rouge on his Birthday.

This is the second year he is not with us for the 6th of June, and we still miss him every day!

And I know he would be so involved with our planning for this trip if he were here. He would be looking at the maps, and talking to me about which roads to take and how best to organize the drive. He would be making sure we were taking the right tools and supplies to keep the Jeep running in top condition. He would be sharing our enthusiasm and smiling…

He made the Route 66 trip back in the day with his buddies. They weren’t trying to explore the road the way we will. They were just going from New York to California… and back then, Route 66 was the only way to go! (and in fact, today I am sure he would take the Interstate because it is faster… but he would understand why I wanted to drive the original “Mother Road”…)

I guess you can’t “dedicate” a road trip to someone… but then again, why not… Renard Rouge, this one’s for you, Dad!

(link to the original tribute on his passing in December 2008)

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