Silly Squirrel aka red prairie dog

Today and yesterday there were some prairie dogs and I made a few pictures of them. As I haven’ t uploaded the pictures I will only be able to put one from the internet.

Actualy my pictures are much better or more realistic but this is an example… My videos too are much much much better.

I love to take pictures of the prairie doggies because they are cute and to take a picture of their private life, you need to establish some kind of confidence with them(that’ s the part I ‘m good at). I had to approach them very slowly  and wait very long before making another step to theme.

I actually had a favorite one that I named Joky he looked like an old man with his enormous bushy black eyebrows

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Petrified Forest

Aujourd’hui on a dévié un peu de la Route 66.

Nous sommes allés dans le Painted Desert (le Désert Peint) et la Petrified Forest (la Forêt Périfiée) qui font tous les deux partie d’un Parc National d’Arizona. Sur un territoire d’une cinquantaine de kilomètres de longueur, les panoramas et les vues les plus incroyables se succèdent.

Tout d’abord des reliefs colorés, de l’argile blanche ou rouge. C’est le désert et on a du mal à penser qu’il y plus de 200 millions d’années à cet endroits vivaient des dinosaures et qu’il y avait une forêt avec d’immenses arbres ! C’est pourtant ce que nous prouve cette forêt pétrifiés. Des arbres immenses devenus pierre ! Et des pierres de toutes les couleurs !

Tout ça par une journée assez nuageuse ce qui donnait à ce paysage lunaire un éclat particulier dû à la couleur sombre de certains nuages.

On nous a conseillé de ne pas dormir dans l’enceinte du Parc Nationale car il y avait des risques d’averses et d’inondation … l’argile ne boit pas l’eau …

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… toujours la route !

C’est etrange de regarder un pays, l’histoire d’un pays a travers une route, l’histoire d’une route!

On commence a voir des fermes ou des ranchs a taille humaine. C’est comme si ce pays etait specialise par region. Ici on voit des vaches partout mais on n’en a pas vu une jusque dans le Missouri !

La route elle meme, la 66 ressemble par moment a une nationale avec 2 voies de chaque cote, mais hier nous sommes passes par l’ancienne route … comme dans le temps … et je m’imagine tous ces camions passer avec des familles entieres empilees avec tout le barda. En effet ca devait etre un voyage long et difficile.

Je repense a Grapes of  Wrath et a la grand mere qui craignait tant le voyage … elle devait pressentir … et elle est morte d’epuisement, ballotee dans le camion, fatiguee de dormir sur les planches. Elle n’a pas pu tenir.

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Route 66… the beginning…

DAY ONE: We left Chicago in the morning, and had to drive to the starting point for the original Route 66… but we did it! We started at the actual beginning… driving through the city in the early morning calm before losing our way in the suburbs, then finding it again a few turns later…

The first thing we realized once we were on the road was that the road is something of a puzzle… Even with the directions and the maps and the signs, we still can easily miss a turn or misinterpret a direction and suddenly find ourselves off the Route… and yet, even those unintended detours led to some incredible discoveries…

The road is a collection of imagery… of sensations… of ideas… all threaded together by this ribbon of asphalt… taking us from one to the next. I have decided it is like a “treasure hunt” where we have maps and directions that give us clues, but it is up to us to find the road and keep our eyes open for the delights it has to offer along the way…

Day One took us from Chicago all the way to St. Louis (though we did have to get on the interstate a bit to make up time), and we spent the night camped at Meramec State Park in Missouri… satisfied with our day’s drive and happy to be on our journey!

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Deja Chicago

… plus de 2000 km déjà, et quand je vois où Chicago se trouve sur la carte … je me dis que c’est vraiment immense les USA!

On vient juste d’arriver et la première impression c’est qu’il y a vraiment quelque chose de commun avec le NY  que j’ai connu. Ou plutôt le NY comme je l’imagine avant : le métro aérien par exemple. Et puis on voit d’imposantes usines très près du centre ville … elles n’ont pas l’air d’être en état de marche … et que de feraille rouillée aussi!

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… la mamie et la moto

Qu’elle était belle la mamie sur sa moto !

Quel âge pouvait-elle bien avoir ? Au moins les 65 … En tout cas elle avait une belle moto à trois roues… une Harley peut-être … et même si c’en était pas une, elle avait la classe … Toutes les deux avaient la classe : La Mamie et la Moto. Solitaire sur la moto, sur la route … Bravo !

Elle m’a donné une leçon !

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A white bread town…

When we got to the Cuyahoga Valley we realized we had no bread. Not a big deal, right? We could just pick some up at a store before we got to the park…

Who knew we were embarking on a quest for the impossible…

Driving to the center of the town, we passed a few lone motels and headed to what looked like the main crossroad. We chose a direction and made our turn. But instead of supercenters or even strip malls, we found ourselves on a sad street of small industry. Little factories and businesses lined the road. 3 out of every 4 were “available for lease” or “for sale”. The entire business district was almost abandoned. Not quite a ghost town, but far from a healthy economy.

We made a u-turn and took the opposite direction. But no better luck in our search for a grocery store that way… Just a cople of churches and a gun store… Eventually we found an odd kind of convienence store/liquor store/lotto store combo where we were able to buy Wonder Bread…

The store owner seemed tired.. no pleasantries in this rust belt town drained of energy and hope… only desperation and fear — the churches and the gun shop…

And yet… the little houses we drove past were well-kept. Proudly decorated and landscaped with bright flowers and outdoor furniture… nicely manicured lans and kitschy lawn ornaments… The small town pride that keeps hope alive despite the bleakest of outlooks…

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Some images from New York…

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Hey there it is silly squirrel

Today , cactuskiller and I are FINALLY going to America!!!!!!!!!! To N Y though. We’ re hitting the road of route 66 on the 9th great hein? Just in time to see the world cup and the 4th of july yipiyipi the firecrackers and the fireworks!!!!!!! soccer fireworks

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Spring is here…

crocusesThe first crocuses have pushed their way up and the baby squirrels have started to venture out of the nest — that means spring is here. And spring is almost summer, so brings us that much closer to departure day.

Here in NY the weather has finally turned milder and blue skies are back! Yesterday the Big Weasel even ventured out into the garden for the first time since before Halloween! She surveyed the state of the yard, and noted all the new green shoots stretching thru the dark earth toward the sunlight.

In the evening I sat out on the terrace watching the squirrels frolicking around. And today I will go flying for the first time in a long time. Am looking forward to getting back into the cockpit and feeling the freedom of the open skies. It’s been a long hard winter… Welcome Spring!

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