The official postcard…


Time is running out for anything we need to have delivered prior to departure. And so I had to order the postcards for the public blog (which I hadn’t had a chance to design because I have been so busy with rush client projects lately)!

Above is the front-side of the card. The imagery comes from the Moab 2008 shoot (even though that is not actually Route 66, it definitely represents the idea of the open road). And I did a simple logo type (that matches the public blog logo).

Then I put the following text on the backside:

Rediscovering America (and so much more)…

Six weeks. One Jeep. And three ordinary peopleā€”on the lookout for extraordinary adventure.

From coast-to-coast across the whole big country. Route 66. The heartland. America the beautiful and all that.

Seeing the land with new eyes. Hearing the stories first-hand. Finding the true meaning of the word Freedom. Discovering an idea.

The Great American Road Trip 2010. Modern nomads exploring the American Dream.

We should receive the cards by the end of next week or early the following week!

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The T-Shirt…


Have been busy on the planning front working out schedule and rough accommodations plan, so we can apply for those permits for the parks where we will be needing them….

And looking at the scope of the project, I am thinking we are going to need a logo and an “official” t-shirt, too…

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