Route 66 Missouri…

DAY TWO: We woke early… it had rained overnight and our tent held up! hooray!!!!!

We decided to take the canoe trip on the Meramec River, and went down to get a canoe, but were informed that the river was high… almost too high to go out on at all… and so we would have to take a raft instead. So we took the raft and went down to the muddy waters of the river which seemed quite calm.

After taking an unintended dip in the water, we started making our way down the river through a beautiful morning light… It was calm and apart from a few obstacles and easy lazy river float. Of course the aforementioned obstacles did present the occasional problem… especially when Cactus Killer and I decided to each try to paddle in opposite directions, sending the raft spinning in circles towards the beaver dam!!!! We actually got stuck on an exposed tree limb for a few moments… but after that understood the idea of “team work” better and got a lot better at keeping our boat afloat so to speak!

Rest of the river trip was uneventful in that sense, but the most AMAZING moment was when two eagles flew off right in front of us… maybe just ten feet from where we were… they were above us and they were magnificent! It was a privilege to see them so close up… Later on a beautiful black and white butterfly landed on the raft and kept us company flitting from side to side for a segment of our journey….

After the take out point we got our gear together and got back on the road… taking Route 66 past Rolla to around Lebanon Missouri, where we set up camp at Bennett Spring State Park for the night.

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